Friday, January 3, 2014

Shannon & Roddy's Wedding ~ Spring Valley Golf Course, Milpitas, CA

A very long overdue posted from a July wedding at The Spring Valley Golf Course in Milpitas.  OK OK,  I think we went crazy with Shannon and Roddy's photos, but when you have a couple that are in love that you truly love photographing it's hard not to go crazy!!!  Here are a few of the girls ' getting ready photos!  I love how all of the dresses were lined up for us in the window when we arrived!

Shannon,who by the way is the best bride ever, and Roddy decided they wanted to see each other before the wedding to save time, so we set up the first look and photographed Shannon & Roddy and the bridal party before the wedding.

Here are few of the photos from their ceremony!  We also love the father daughter moments, I guess because of our two daughters.  The tree ceremony was a first for us.  You may be asking what is a tree ceremony?  It is when the bride and groom bring dirt for their respective homes and add it to a small tree they will then plant in their yard.  
After the ceremony we took Shannon & Roddy back out the golf course and had some more fun with them!  The bridal party was waiting for them when we returning and we got the left corner shot!
Ok almost done, here a few front the reception...  Gotta love the fun and love it!
Last one we promise!!  Shannon booked our Photo Booth before we even had it, for that we thank her for trusting us!  Her guest had lots of fun in there and Pink Sugar (our daughters) rocked it!!  
Would you like to see more??  Please follow this link to Shannon & Roddy's wedding slideshow:  Shannon & Roddy's Wedding

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