Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sneak Peek! Robbyn & Ke'Lan's Wedding ~ South Bay Community Church, Fremont CA & The Banks Estate San Jose's Beautiful Evergreen Area

We were every excited to share in Robbyn & Ke'lan's wedding day!  Robbyn and Ke'Lan's gorgeous smiles instantly warmed our hearts.  It was easy for Ke'lan to speak of Robbyn.  The words of love admiration and respect flowed off hi tongue with ease.  The sounds of music, laughter and bare feet padding against the thick carpet filled the halls of the Fairmont San Jose as Robbyn and her bridesmaids prepared for the big day!  Not sure what it is about the brides' shoes that intrigues me so much, but I love photographing them!

 Robbyn's dress hung so elegantly in the window almost as if overseeing the preparations!  

 After we left the Fairmont, we sailed to Fremont to the South Bay Community Church where Robbyn & Ke'Lan were wed.  When Robbyn's mom and dad saw her for the first time, we felt the rush of emotions that went through them.  It was a very touching and you could feel how close Robbyn was to her family.

Once Robbyn was dressed she was unable to hide her excitement, she was ready to see her handsome groom and become his wife!

Just a few steps away Ke'Lan prepared to become Robbyn's husband with his son, dad and groomsman.  

 Ke'Lan's mom visited her soon to be new daughter and they shared a moment in time!
Robbyn entered the church escorted by her beaming dad!  As she rounded the corner Ke'Lan's face lit up and shared one look that said all, they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together!

The  story doesn't end here it just begins and from the looks on both their faces after the ceremony, it will be the beginning of a lifetime of love, fun, spontaneity and togetherness!
 After Robbyn & Ke'Lan's ceremony we swooped them away for a few stolen kisses and some shared moments!

As these two danced in to their reception at the Banks Estate, they were greeted with lots of love from their friends and family in attendance!  They danced and soaked in the love that was bestowed on them from all!

 We'd like to express a few very heartfelt thank yous!  First to the amazing bride and groom for allowing us to share in their celebration. Second to Robbyn's mom and dad Robbyn and Gary, thank you for providing the MOST beautiful setting with you for your daughter's wedding.  The transformation you did to your home's landscape was simply amazing, a true labor of love!  

Lastly, we'd like to thank Maria and her staff at San Jose Catering and Events for the delicious food and beautiful decorations!


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