Sunday, November 24, 2013

Leia & Garrett's Surprise Proposal ~ Twin Peaks San Francisco, CA

We feel very strongly about giving back in the way we know how. So, we wanted to share a little of what we did back in April.  This is a long overdue story, but I think it's one that has to told.  And we couldn't have picked a better day to share it on - Veteran's Day.
We came across a Craigslist ad seeking a photographer for a proposal in San Francisco by a gentleman who was currently deployed.  We thought what better way to give back to to someone, who risks his life for our freedom.  I inquired if he had found someone to take the photos for him, and he responded that  he did not and he liked our work and wanted to know how much we would charge.  When I responded with a $1.00 and lunch, he said, "Wow, I am in shock! I have never had anyone in my life to something so nice. Im more speechless right now. I would love to buy lunch…Thank you for the support you give. Its a rare thing to see now of days."  
We arranged to be at the proposal, it's funny how you have never met someone, but you just know who they are just because….  We spotted them when we they arrived, and we were playing around in the perfect spot, pretending to take photos of the kids and each other.  They walked up and were enjoying the view.  A couple of times I saw Garrett start to pull the box out from within his pocket, but he got caught and didn't.  Then, we saw the box come out and we knew it was action time.  He got down on bended knee with this amazing view and we started clicking away.  Leia must have thought we crazy taking photos of the kids, cause I'm sure she could hear the clicks….  They hugged and kissed.  Then he let her know, we were in on it too!  :)  And of course we were crying and we all hugged.  We had the BEST lunch that day and enjoyed the company even more! 
A very special thank you to Leia and Garrett for allowing us to share in one of life's most amazing moments!   Thank you all of the military men and women risk their lives for us!  
Here are a few of the images we captured that day….

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